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Staff Directory
Corbett, Katrina - Principal
Administrative Assistant
Hanson, Crystal
Teachers - Elementary
Bachmeier, Meagan - Grade 5
Hausauer, Dana - Grade 4
Klaiber, Kaylie - Kindergarten
Marshall, Jodi - Grade 6
Nelson, Susan - Learning Coach
Randall, Kelly - Grade 3
Rittinger, Cameron - Grade 2
Schauerte, Colleen - Grade 2/3
Stewart, Julia - Grade 1
Tschritter, Lyn - ELP
Educational Assistants
Augustino, Joely
Boylan, Carolyn
Christianson, Billi Jean
Crooks, Dianne
Giroux, Bev
Granger, Jodie
Koch, Kristie - Literacy Specialist
Leonard, Denise
Tabor, Terri
About Us

School Philosophy

With the belief that it takes a whole community to raise a child, Elm Street School is trying to develop the essential components of a community school: the learning program, parent and community involvement, integrated services and community development.

  • emphasizes process over product
  • promotes the dignity and worth of each child
  • encourages a strong relationship with families
  • promotes academic skills, develops creative reasoning abilities, application of knowledge, ability to relate and communicate with others and adapt to a changing world
  • allows each child to become aware of their own strengths and potentia

Our Learning Community

Elm Street School is one of the original schools in Medicine Hat. Established in 1911, Elm Street school is the oldest operating elementary school in Medicine Hat School District #76. Elm Street is a neighbourhood school serving kindergarten to grade six students as well as a district PDP and LAP program. The school features large, modern classrooms, a gymnasium, library, music room and a computer learning centre in each classroom and small learning areas. Elm Street School is also a Tribes Learning Community. Tribes Learning Community is a program that was created to encourage schools, families, and the community to create healthy and safe learning environments for students. Tribes is a process to change not only classroom teaching and student learning but also the organization and support of the school system. Learning for success in the 21st Century means working collaboratively, learning to question and problem solve; Tribes ensures our students have the tools to be successful in facing the challenges of a new century.

Mission Statement

As a supporter of public education, our school community and its partners are dedicated to providing our children with the skills necessary to pursue their goals and dreams, with the commitment to values, respect, independence, caring and safety.

Vision Statement

Through the collaborative efforts of the School Community and Elm Street School, we envision the comprehensive integration of school curriculum tailored to the diverse educational needs of all students. This active learning environment will create increased achievement, creative thinking, greater citizenship and lifelong learning.

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